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***BONUS SCENE*** for Star Crossed Hurricane


If you haven't read Star Crossed yet, stop right there. Back away from the computer.

Unless you're like me and appreciate spoilers so you're not caught unprepared for surprises. I hate surprises.

In Star Crossed, there's a scene where Savannah and Sawyer find an underground city and a cave full of bodies. Did you wonder what that was all about? Well. Wonder no more. I give you:

The Dead Bodies Explained scene.

Savannah knocked on the door, biting her lip and glancing at Sawyer. He twined her fingers through his and kissed her knuckles.
A very old woman opened the door. “Yes? What do you want?” she asked, not unkindly.
“This is going to sound so weird…we were trapped in an old abandoned house in the woods near the Oregon coast…”
The woman’s face darkened. “Yes. I know the place. Leave me alone.”
She started to shut the door, but Sawyer was faster.  “Please, we just have a few questions. We were stuck in there overnight. We found this city—“ Sawyer made sure he turned his Texas charm all the way up.
The old woman raised an eyebrow. “You found the city? Why haven’t the newspapers been crawling all over the place then?”
Because newspapers are almost obsolete?
“We didn’t tell anyone,” Savannah said quietly, peeking at Sawyer through her hair. The place had damn near killed them. But it had also brought them together. Without that crumbling mansion, he wouldn’t have his Buttercup.
“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” the old woman croaked, voice gravelly and harsh.
Savannah shrugged. “It wasn’t our place. That house saved us--” Her fingers tightened around Sawyers, “in more ways than one.”
“But we would like to know the story behind it. The curiosity is killing us,” Sawyer put in quickly. In case the lady had any ideas about shutting the door in their faces and pretending she hadn’t heard their question.
She heaved a monumental sigh and stepped back, ushering them in. Sawyer was over six feet tall and had tattoos. Savannah looked like an angel, but still—the woman was too trusting.
You never let strangers into your home. Didn’t she know that?
“Would you like a cookie?” She held out a plate of yellow, square, crumbly…something. Savannah took one and nibbled on a corner, murmuring thank you. Sawyer took one, too. Just to be polite.
“Sit, sit. I’ll tell you the story.” She waved them to her pink floral couch, faded with age. The house smelled like tea and cats and memories, and framed pictures, many black and white, covered the walls.
“By the way, I’m Melba.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m Savannah. This is my boyfriend—“ She grinned up at him, “—Sawyer.”
 “We came from money. My grandfather’s grandfather was some British nobility. His fortune passed down through the generations. My father was a big-shot editor for one of the newspapers in California, but California was getting to crowded for him, so he packed us up—me and my sister and baby brother—and moved us to Oregon.” Her mouth turned down at the corners, and Sawyer got the distinct impression that these weren’t happy memories. “Mother wasn’t happy about that at all. Said she kept having horrible dreams. But Father never listened.” She shook her head, her wrinkled hands trembling.
Savannah glanced at Sawyer, frowning as well. This story wasn’t going to be a happy one, obviously. But what had they expected, asking about a burned nursery and a cave full of dead bodies?
“He built his dream house. Monstrously huge. Mostly to impress all his California friends who came up to visit. Mother said it was too big. As they were building the foundation, they dug up a whole graveyard.” Her eyes drifted closed as the tremors moved from her hands to her whole body. “We were supposed to tell people. Have the societies come check it out. Especially when they dug up the city right next to the house. But Father, no. He didn’t want to slow progress. So he moved all the bodies to the cave, stacked them there like sardines, and built the house right over the graveyard. Mother said moving the bodies was disrespectful. Again, he didn’t care. Until the fire.”
Savannah sucked in a breath. Absently, Sawyer ran his hand up and down her back. He remembered that room. Burned remnants of a nursery, black with utter despair.
“My baby brother died in the nursery fire. Never did determine the cause. Mother took  his tiny body, and me and sister, and we left. Never looked back. Father tried to follow us once. She told him to stay away from her. Brother was buried in here, in California. Mother was buried there a few years later.” She struggled to draw a deep breath, seeming to shake the sadness off of her. “Father went back to that big house all by himself. But he couldn’t live there knowing what he’d done. So he left. Never sold it. Just boarded it up and left. Died within a year at a construction site. But we never found his body.”
“Holy creak!” Savannah gasped as goosebumps broke out along Sawyer’s arms.
“My son went back a few years ago. Dug a doorway in. Checked things out. Then installed a big metal door and left the place quick as he got there. Now we’re just waiting for it to die, like everything else it’s touched.”

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Trouble Enough Release Day and Giveaway!

Happy Book Birthday to Us!! Trouble Enough, the box set with my Star Crossed Hurricane, Kelly Martin's Unforgettable, and Leah Sanders' The Trouble with Frogs is out today for .99 pennies!

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**Star Crossed Hurricane--by Wendy Knight**

You don’t date your best friend’s ex.
It doesn’t matter how head-over-heels, absolutely and completely in love with her you are. 
Does it?
Sawyer met the girl of his dreams, and then found out she was the ex his best friend can’t get over. He’s forced to keep her in the friend zone, no matter how much it hurts him. And the fact that he knows she wants him, too, only makes it harder. But it’s a fight he’s determined to win.
Until they’re trapped together in a condemned house during a massive storm. For the first time since he met her, Sawyer’s not sure he can keep his heart to himself.

**The Trouble With Frogs--by Leah Sanders**

When her best friend signs her up for an online dating service, Jory Wendell swears she will never use it. But after three months of constant nagging, her resolve weakens. For Jory, dating is always a disaster. A fact that makes no difference to her best friend, who insists that in order to find a prince, she’ll have to kiss a few frogs. A pretty sentiment, to be sure. But this isn’t a fairy tale. It’s Jory’s life.
And Jory has no use for frogs.
Armed with half a dozen horror stories, she is ready to give up on dating. Will she give it one last chance? Or will her love life croak?

**Unforgettable--by Kelly Martin**

Maggie Millard wants to forget the past. She wants to move on from her horrible break up with the guy she thought she'd be with forever and from being called 'Margaret the Target' by one very relentless bully way back in middle school.
Except she can't move on. Not really. Her ex, Jake, is still in her classes--flaunting his new romance with slutty Kalynn. Everywhere Maggie looks, he's there... and Kalynn's there... and... yuck.
Enter Harry Bond-- not his real name. Harry saves her when she gets incredibly drunk at a party. Harry saves her when she is confronted by Jake in the library. Harry saves her in English class.
Maggie could grow to love Harry.
The bad part? She knows nothing about him except he has a secret of his own. And his secret is one she may not be able to forgive

Teaser from Star Crossed Hurricane

“Better?” she asked, and he was amazed he hadn’t realized she’d approached him. Usually, he could feel her coming from a hundred yards away. Swallowing hard, mustering his courage, he turned.
Loose, lacy black shirt hanging off one shoulder. Painted on jeans with holes in the knee and one at thigh level that nearly choked him. And barefoot. He swallowed twice more before he reached out, pulled the pencil stuck in her hair and let it loose. “Better.”
She grinned.
And he was caught in her eyes. So dark, they were almost black. He couldn’t look away. He couldn’t breathe. And the only sane thought he could muster was that if he didn’t kiss her, he would die.
“Sawyer! It’s your song!” Beckett yelled, which meant either he could see them and was too far away to get between them, or he couldn’t see them at all. Sawyer leaped away guiltily, hating himself because her face fell and there was pain in her eyes.
Don’t touch her. Don’t touch her. Let her go.
“Hey.” He grabbed her wrist, pulling her back to him. “Dance with me.”
She blinked, confused, still hurt. He slid his hands down to her waist, moving her closer as he swayed to the music. Her eyes slid half shut as she tipped her head back, and he could feel that silken hair brushing against the tops of his thumbs. She slid her arms around his neck, moving with him as he pulled her tighter against him, until he could feel every soft curve of her.
There’d be no way she could miss how much he wanted her.
Sawyer gave up fighting. He dipped his head, his mouth just brushing her exposed shoulder. She sucked in a breath, her hands tightening behind his neck. “Savannah,” he whispered against her skin, moving to her collarbone.
The room ceased to exist. Everything stopped but her, and her body, and the way she moved, the way she felt. The lilacs and silk and lace, and he was so damn grateful there were too many people in that room, keeping Beckett away from them, so that Sawyer could have just this one moment with Savannah—
Someone banged on the door next to his head and he swore, pulling away from her. Her lips were swollen and her eyes wide as he jerked open the door.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One Hundred Word Wednesday!

He was terrified of small places, and she knew.  For such a little thing, he needed a lot of room, and a cage would never hold him. No, a cage would probably kill him, starting with his spirit, ending with his body. She knew without a cage to keep him in, she could lose him forever, and the thought broke her heart into a thousand tiny pieces. But she loved him enough to set him free, watching with tear-filled eyes as he soared away, finally at peace.